About Medin Healing Center

Integrative Healing Center Medin, the first of its kind in Slovenia, was formed based on a wide and extensive research of Institute Bion, which has been working in research and development in the field of bioelectromagnetics and inner, electromagnetic field of organisms for almost 20 years. The research covered modern findings in medicine, findings as a result of our own research and years of experience of the therapists in the field of alternative medicine, based on whuch the Institute Bion formed the five pillars of therapy in order to enable an intensive, integrative approach to complementary healing of serious, protracted illnesses and prevention. Institute Bion also oversees and analyses the performance of Medin Healing Center.

Integrative centers exist in Europe and in the USA. Some operate within distinguished universities. But these centers do not focus on treatment of serious protracted illnesses. We offer a wide range of therapies, which work on various levels and complement each other, thus offering a comprehensive support to health.

Our intent is to complement conventional therapies with therapies that have been scientifically established, but are not yet used in ‘official’ medicine. Integrative therapies, provided in ZC Medin are therefore complementary therapies and are not a substitute for conventional treatment. We advise our patients to carry out in full the treatment that was prescribed to them by their doctor.

The integration of conventional and alternative medicine is only possible on a scientific basis. This integration is clearly in the patient's best interest, since the patient does not care who helps him restore his health. Better health and quality of life in general are our primary goal. Alternative as well as conventional medicine can only benefit from this - conventional medicine can learn about mechanisms used in the alternative medicine and the therapeutic effects of electrical and magnetic fields on the organism, while alternative medicine can work toward a fundamental understanding of its own approach, creating a system for monitoring the effects and achieving objectivity in result analysis.

Besides their respective education in medicine, health, psychosomatics and other relevant expertise, the doctors, healers and other therapists in our center also have special skills and knowledge in various fields of alternative and complementary medicine.